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Commercial Real Estate Firm: Midgett S. Parker, Esq., Founder / CEO

Religious Institutions

Midgett Parker has a unique perspective and understanding of the issues that affect members of the faith community and their religious institutions. For over two decades, he has assisted a diverse array of religious organizations, including: churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other houses of worship, religious schools, religious healthcare institutions and religiously-affiliated philanthropic and community organizations.


Midgett Parker advises religious institutions on a broad range of issues, including the legal issues of:
 Entity Formation, Governance Evaluation and Structure;
 Real Property Tax and Federal Income Tax Exemptions;
 Corporate Finance, capital campaigns, and Fundraising;
 Real Estate Transactions and Borrower’s Representation;
 Internal Investigations and Crisis Management;
 Litigation;
 Responses to pandemics and reopening protocols;
 Leadership Matters;
 Analysis and acquisition of real property;
 Zoning and Land Use Issues;
 Construction contracts and dispute resolution;
 Contracts of every type with outside vendors;
 Endowments and Gift Planning;
 Government affairs with public policy makers;
 Volunteer Liability.


Midgett Parker serves as outside general counsel helping to guide religious institutions through legal matters arising from their daily operations.  He recognizes that religious institutions face legal challenges arising from their trust and reliance on volunteers and their interaction with paid employees.