Law Office of Midgett S. Parker, P.A.

Commercial Real Estate Firm: Midgett S. Parker, Esq., Founder / CEO

Practice Areas

  • Commercial Real Estate

    Midgett Parker has extensive experience representing clients in all types of commercial real estate transactions including acquisition, financing, development, construction, leasing, and management of real estate.  His clients include national, regional, and local developers, builders, financial institutions, investors, asset managers, retailers, tax-exempt organizations, universities, governmental agencies and utilities.   Acquisition, Development, and Financing...

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  • Land Use/Zoning

    Midgett Parker is widely recognized for possessing in-depth comprehensive understanding of the entire spectrum of land use and zoning issues in Maryland.  His knowledge extends from traditional planning, zoning, subdivision, to building permit matters.  His experience includes complex development review and approval processes that require creative strategies and solutions.  He...

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  • Religious Institutions

    Midgett Parker has a unique perspective and understanding of the issues that affect members of the faith community and their religious institutions. For over two decades, he has assisted a diverse array of religious organizations, including: churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other houses of worship, religious schools, religious healthcare institutions and religiously-affiliated philanthropic and...

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