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Commercial Real Estate Firm: Midgett S. Parker, Esq., Founder / CEO

Commercial Real Estate

Midgett Parker has extensive experience representing clients in all types of commercial real estate transactions including acquisition, financing, development, construction, leasing, and management of real estate.  His clients include national, regional, and local developers, builders, financial institutions, investors, asset managers, retailers, tax-exempt organizations, universities, governmental agencies and utilities.


Acquisition, Development, and Financing
Midgett Parker can prepare all types of documents and agreements needed for real estate deals:
 Purchase and Sale contracts
 Ground leases
 Joint venture agreements
 Easement agreements


Midgett can assist with analysis and due diligence of real estate developments. Midgett is well versed in the construction and preconstruction issues of a project including, but not limited to contracts with architects, engineers, contractors and consultants.


Construction Contracts
Midgett Parker can negotiate and draft all types of design and construction agreements, based both on commonly used industry forms and custom agreements. His representation of various parties in construction projects, including owners, contractors and design professionals brings a balanced view of the issues in order to effectively build a collaborative team.


Real Property Taxation
Midgett is also adept at tax appeal cases in representing property owners and developers throughout the State of Maryland in appeals of real property assessments. These tax appeals can lead to thousands of dollars in savings to real property owners.