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Commercial Real Estate Firm: Midgett S. Parker, Esq., Founder / CEO

Land Use/Zoning

Midgett Parker is widely recognized for possessing in-depth comprehensive understanding of the entire spectrum of land use and zoning issues in Maryland.  His knowledge extends from traditional planning, zoning, subdivision, to building permit matters.   His experience includes complexdevelopment review and approval processes that require creative strategies and solutions.  He is adept at counseling developers, builders, property owners, governmental entities, non-profit & religious institutions, and other local, national and international businesses on development projects from inception through completion.  His ability to work effectively with the public sector and local communities to develop efficient and cost-effective responses has been a hallmark of his success for decades.


Development and Regulatory Review Processes

Beginning with the analysis of issues and due diligence studies prior to the acquisition of a site, planning and zoning and extending through the administrative land use process, Midgett works with each client to provide thoughtful and incisive input and leadership while working with technical consultants and regulators to maximize value.  These development and regulatory review processes include:

  • Master Plan (comprehensive) and Sector Plan review;
  • Zoning Applications – including floating, overlay, planned unit, performance and mixed-use zones;
  • Variance and Special Exception (conditional use) applications;
  • Preliminary Plan of Subdivision and Record Plats;
  • Project Plans, Sketch Plans and Site Plan applications;
  • Adequate Public Facility Review –Traffic and School Capacity Studies, Management Plans, Agreements and Exactions;
  • Non-conforming use certification;
  • Affordable Housing Agreements – Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) issues;
  • Water and Sewer authorization and regulation; and
  • Permit processing.


Zoning and Land Use Analysis

Complementing Midgett’s experience in regulatory land use law, he is adept at preparing due diligence analyses and materials for prospective buyers of commercial real estate.  He also researches and prepares zoning legal opinion letters for presentation to lenders and review the zoning opinions of others on behalf of lenders.


Local and State Advocacy

Midgett Parker is known in Maryland for building and maintaining professional relationships with the legislative and administrative leaders, decision-makers and regulatory staff of Maryland’s local and state level governments who can have an impact on each client’s success.  He understands the public policies and personalities that influence land use decisions and are often able to help shape those policies through advocacy on behalf of his clients.  Areas where advocacy efforts have been utilized include:

  • Comprehensive Planning/Master and Sector Plans;
  • Zoning Ordinance Text and Subdivision Regulation Amendments;
  • Water and Sewer Plans;
  • Annexations and Annexation Agreements;
  • Growth Regulations and Staging Policies; and
  • Legislative Advocacy


Appeals and Litigation

When litigation cannot be avoided, Attorney Parker works with other lawyers to provide representation for clients through the administrative and regulatory appeals process and in litigating civil matters.